A Simple Approach, With Simple Materials.

 Wow! Conjure in your mind a book laid plainly, resting open upon a table, on Broad Street, inside the David Dale Gallery. You see two blank pages before you. As the page turns, you find yourself greeted by the prismatic promise of Super Studio's return. What's more: the Super Studio fete returns this month! The last Saturday of August (!) - the 25th, within the very walls where you, reader, dancer, friend, presently find yourself.

For this August celebration, the Super Studio residents have invited Pariah to jump on the twirly ride on the the occasion of his new album, "Here From Where We Are." We're excited to have him with us and look forward to spending time with him. It took Pariah hard work, unfailing diligence, and openness to finish the album. We know that he, along with the Super Studio residents and friends, will generously guide us.

Now, while the lifecycle of weather is still on our side, let's share some time together. In celebration of all of the personal rodeos, we'll enjoy some good food, good music, and good company.

We look forward to your presence!


Entry is £10 - £3 of which goes to the DJs, £2 goes to the Sound Squad, £3 goes to the Staff, and £2 goes to the party.


The dreams of people never die.

Kindest regards to you and your families.

Super Studio


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