A Simple Approach, With Simple Materials.

 The weather is changing from Summer into Fall, and a surprise Rainbow in the middle of the afternoon leaf pile greets you with a hello again from the Super Studio!

The Super Studio family reaches anew a hand of friendship and invites you to you to join us, on the afternoon-into-evening of T-Pain's birthday, September 30th, at Clydesdale Cricket Club.

Music for the celebration will be brought by Powder!, 5ive!, Spencer Doran!, and Sofay! on the beautiful TLC Sound System.

Though the Fall joins us, signaling the opportunity once again to wear our nice scarves and fancy socks, Fall also sends us their subtle jabs at our universal dread of Winter, reminding us that before we hibernate, we have to party together and have a good time! Come with your friends and play Scrabble with too many tiles! Dance with your friends! Recite a good poem, or recite a bad poem that you read last week! Get too involved in a discussion on just how bad The Godfather Part III was! Dance by yourself or stand still works too! Enjoy pleasant company!

Adonis, Jack Frost himself, said "We're Rockin Down The House"!


Entry is £6 - £2 of which goes to Powder & 5ive, £2 goes to Spencer, £1 goes to the Sound Crew, and £1 goes to the party.

Every ticket purchased guarantees entry as well as a zine filled with texts, drawings, and paintings from our talented friends. We'll send you that before the party.

Contributions in this issue from Tic Zogson, Christian Eede, Romy Galloway, Jordan Stocks, Benjie Cluness, Tom Marshallsay, Katie Shambles & more T.B.A...!

Available to purchase here! - https://superstudio0o0o.bandcamp.com/merch/super-ticket-2-w-powder-5ive-spencer-doran-sofay


The dreams of people never die.

Kindest regards to you and your families.

Super Studio


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