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By signing up below, you agree to the following rules:
  1. Please do not share the ARCs you receive with anyone else not authorized by the author. Authors but a butt-ton of energy, effort, and a dash of their sanity into every book they write and this is mean to help them. If we find that this is being abused, we very well might pull the ARC Team option altogether to protect authors from malicious activity, and we really don't want you to lose these opportunities!
  2. If you accept the Advanced Review Copy, and you enjoyed the book or had some constructive criticisms, you should post a review as soon as you are able. It's in the name after all! Please keep reviews professional and non-personal in nature, focusing on the book only.
  3. If you absolutely hate the book, or cannot finish it, please contact the author before posting a 1-star (or lower) review. We are here to build up, not tear down, and it's very possible something you disliked could be fixed by the author before full release. Give them the chance to correct things before smearing their work with a horrible review. We are for building up, not tearing down.
  4. When posting a review, please tag in the review somewhere that you received an "Advance Review Copy and are giving an honest and unbiased review".
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